Georgia Low Voltage Alarm
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  • Pre-approval from the state is required to sit for the examination.
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  • Please note that the Georgia Business and Law exam is also required to be passed to obtain your contractors license, however it is incorporated into the exam.
  • Applicants must submit three letters of reference. To qualify to take the examination, applicants for statewide low-voltage contractor license must have a minimum of one (1) year experience in low-voltage wiring in the category of licensure for which the applicant is applying.
  • Completion of courses in electronics through a school of engineering technology or a technical trade school will be credited as experience equivalent to the actual instructional time up to a maximum of six (6) months.
Scope of Work:

The Georgia Statewide class LV-A low voltage contractor licenses are restricted to alarm and general system low-voltage contracting. Since the Low Voltage Alarm License allows work that falls under alarm work as well as general low voltage; a scope for each is listed here.

Alarm Systems license covers any device or combination of devices used to detect a situation, causing an alarm in the event of a burglary, fire, robbery, medical emergency, or equipment failure, or on the occurrence of any other predetermined event.

General Low Voltage license covers any electrical systems, other than alarm or telecommunication systems, involving low-voltage wiring, including, but not limited to stand alone intercom systems and call alert systems (audio or visual); distribution wiring for alarm systems and telecommunications systems including local area network systems; sound systems; public address systems; the low voltage side of energy management systems; antenna systems and satellite dish systems, irrigation system wiring; and low voltage lighting.


Applications may be obtained from:
Construction Industry Licensing Board
237 Coliseum Drive
Macon, GA 31217
Phone (478)207-1416
The application fee is $30.00.

Applications must be approved by the Board before the exam can be scheduled. 

After the exam, passing candidates will receive their licenses in approximately six weeks.

Exam Registration Date                        Exam Window

March 20, 2015                                    May 4-15, 2015

July 24, 2015                                       Sept. 7-18, 2015


The Georgia Board does have reciprocal agreements to accept the results of some examinations conducted by other state boards. The Georgia Board will accept results of approved examinations conducted by:

1. North Carolina

With your application, you must submit a certification letter from the respective state board verifying that you hold a license and have passed the state examination.


There are currently no Continuing Education Requirements in place at this time.

  • The testing company is AMP.
  • The exam is offered throughout the year. It is an open book, timed test with weighted questions and a 4-hour time limit.
  • The Low Voltage General Alarm exam has 75 questions.
  • It is a two-part test with Business and Law type questions and technical questions.
  • All questions are multiple-choice. A score of 70% is required to pass the exam.
  • The exam fee is $132.

    If you should fail the exam twice, you must complete a state approved training course before testing again.

    Veterans may have 5 to 10 points added to their exam scores by submitting documentation that they served a minimum of one year in active duty status and must have served during a period of conflict or war for a minimum of 90 days. Or, discharged for an injury or illness that occurred in the line of duty and the disability is officially rated.

The Examination questions pertain to the following categories: 

  • Regulations, Laws and Administrative Functions Comply with Laws
    Comply with Regulations 
  • Installation and Servicing
  • Read Blueprints to Determine Installation Requirements/
  • Determine how Distribution Methods (wiring/cabling) Affect Buildings/
  • Structural and Installer Safety/
  • Cable / Wire Installation – Interior/
  • Cable / Wire Installation – Exterior/
  • Documentation





  • References:

    The list of references located in the Right-Hand column have been used to create the exam questions and are used in our preparation seminar.

    In addition to the books listed under "Reference Materials" on this page, there are also downloadable documents that you are allowed to take into the exam room with you. To view and download these documents, simply click on the link following each title.

    The Americans with Disabilities Act: Your responsibilities as an Employer.

    2009 Georgia Amendments to the National Electrical Code, 2008
    Click Here To Download.

    Employer’s Tax Guide, Circular E, 2008 that can be picked up at your local IRS office or:
    Employers Tax Guide, Circular E.



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