Oklahoma Electrical Business and Law
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The first step in the licensing process is to submit a completed application to the state licensing board to obtain approval to test.

All Mechanical-type and Electrical Contractors are required to take the Mechanical Business and Law Exam in addition to the contractor’s exam in order to obtain this license.

Specific requirements can be found under the Mechanical or Electrical Classification for each license.

Scope of Work: This is not a license that can stand-alone. It is REQUIRED by the STATE that individuals who are taking the Electrical Contractor Exam must also take this exam in order to obtain that license.

Plumbing, Mechanical & Electrical construction are regulated at the state level.
For license requirements and an application, contact:

State of Oklahoma
Construction Industries Board
2401 N.W. 23rd Street, Suite 5
Oklahoma City, OK 73107

Reciprocity: The state of Oklahoma does not have any reciprocity agreements for this license.

Oklahoma currently does not require Continuing Education.

Exam: The testing company is PSI. It is an open-book, timed test. There are 50 questions and a 2-hour time limit. A score of at least 75% is required to pass the exam. The test fee is $100. If this exam is taken at the same time as the Electrical Contractor’s Exam there is not a separate fee for each exam. If they are scheduled and taken separately, it is $100 for each one.

EXAM CONTENT: Bidding and Estimating, Project Management & Supervision, Contracts, Financial Labor & Personnel, Risk Management, Payroll & Payroll Taxes and Licensing Requirements


The references listed in the Right-Hand column have been used to create the test questions and are used in our seminar to prepare you to better navigate these books and pass the exam.

Training: American Contractors currently offers a class for the Oklahoma Business and Law exam. We do carry all the reference materials needed to study for the exam. Please call 800-992-1910, if you have additional questions.
  Seminar Price: $90.00  
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