Sample Testing

We understand that the majority of the clients we serve have not tested in many years. Some have not tested since high school. Even those who test on a regular basis can often experience test anxiety. Come to this page to practice and experience what you will be up against on test day. Even if you have been preparing for your test, the exercise of practice testing can help you tremendously.  If you need a practice test for a specific state exam, select your state from the drop-down list to the left.  We are adding new online practice tests on a weekly basis, so check back often.

If you would like to test-drive our online practice test application, which we feel is the best in the business, click one of these links:
Sample Electrical Code and Theory Test (15 questions)
Sample International Building Code Test (10 questions)
Sample Roofing Test (10 questions)

Additionally, some of the following online courses may be of assistance to you in preparing for your state exam:

We are now offering our Math for General Contractors online course for $19.00.  This 2-hour course covers advanced concepts such as calculating concrete masonry units, backfill, swell factor for excavation, cylindrical volumes, soil slope, and simple math concepts such as calculating areas and volumes and converting square- and cubic feet to yards  These skills are commonly tested on state contractors exams, and knowledge in these areas often makes the difference between a passing and failing score.  All of our online seminars are professionally narrated and animated with graphic illustrations of the concepts being taught, and our web-based presentation system tracks your progress so you can work through the materials at your convenience, resuming where you left off with each login.  Purchase of this course entitles you to unlimited access to the course for 30 days.
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We also offer  online courses for HVAC professionals.  Currently, we have online classes covering the 2003 International Mechanical Code, Commercial Load Calculation using the Manual N, and Residential Load Calculation using the Manual J.  Whether you're taking a state exam or simply hoping to expand your knowledge, these courses are sure to help.
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Our Online Construction Spanish for Contractors course is now available for $19.95.  By participating in this online training you will be able to better communicate with your spanish-speaking workers and gain a better understanding of hispanic culture. With the help of our online course, you will learn to read and properly pronounce spanish words and phrases commonly used in the construction industry. This professionally narrated course allows you to read and follow along with your native spanish-speaking instructor. Additionally, at the beginning of the course, the user is allowed to download a printable English-to-Spanish quick reference guide at no additional charge.  Purchase entitles the user to 5 accesses over a 10-day period.
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